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ChatGPT’s viral adoption is just the latest reminder we live in an ‘Exponential Age’. There are extraordinary opportunities ahead of us in drug discovery, education, and clean energy, but challenges such as AI safety are raising legitimate public concerns around the world.
That’s why there has never been a more pressing time to convene global leaders, the tech industry and the public in person to address the question: “How do we get the next 10 years right?”.
We can’t wait to help give people a chance to participate in the discussion at this critical time in humanity’s evolution. We look forward to welcoming everyone from CEOs to students alike.

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We hold Generative AI events focused on specific Industries and Technologies.

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Gen AI Exhibition and AI Creative Showcase

  • Meet the latest and greatest Gen AI exhibition in our Exhibition space.
    Then head over to our interactive immersive AI Art festival to meet the top AI Creatives
  • pushing the boundaries of story telling and self expression.

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